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“Dave and Paul and their team were excellent. Our project was a large one involving replacement of all of our windows and exterior doors and a significant expansion of the size of a number of windows. This required some structural work to accommodate the changes. Their work was on time – ahead of schedule actually – and on budget. Every time a hiccup occurred, as is natural in a renovation project, Shield went above and beyond the call of duty to address it and ensure that we were satisfied. We are thrilled with our new windows and doors. All of the members of the Shield team were professional, diligent, polite, personable and positive. You will not regret choosing them for your project.” – Greg and Shelley

About the Project
We met Greg and Shelley at the Home Show in January 2020. We proceeded to set up a meeting for the following week. They had a beautiful home that they built themselves 30 years ago, just outside the city of Edmonton. After living in their house so long, they wanted some things changed, and they wanted highly efficient and insulated windows. Their original windows were Heat Mirror windows, but they still got condensation on the interior glass, so they wanted an even higher R-value on the replacement windows. In the master bedroom, they had two smaller windows which were awkward to meet building code for egress. On the main floor they had an office with only two small windows, where they wanted a lot more natural light.

For the glass we were able to offer them our quad pane thin glass with Low-e 272/180, achieving an R-value of about R-12. This glass blocks the sun’s rays to avoid overheating issues, while still allowing as much sunlight as possible into their home. Greg and Shelley were very happy with the performance numbers we could achieve, and at an affordable price.

In the master bedroom, we cut out the wall between the two windows and built in a new structure so they could now have one larger window. One side opens easily to vent and meet egress, with a window type that they preferred.

In the office we made a huge change. They started with two small windows in a 160 square foot room. We removed their closet, and made two new openings. The window facing the back became 12 x 5’! And the window on the side is one solid piece of glass at 8’ x 5’. This completely changed the room and made it the perfect place to sit down and relax. They live out in the country and this really brought the outdoors in.

All together we ended up changing out 36 new windows and 4 new doors. The original windows had stucco over the flange, so we had to carefully cut 1.5” around each window and carefully remove them. For their doors they wanted to keep their electronic locks, so we used a standard single point lock. But to ensure that the seal at the top of the door would be maintained, we added roller catches at the top of each door. This worked well and holds the top of the panel snug against the weather seal.

Greg and Shelley were a pleasure to work with, and over the months we built a nice relationship, to the point where it was sad to say goodbye. So Shelley was trying to find more work for us to do in their home so we could visit again!

Client Testimonial:

Shield Windows and Doors Ltd. replaced our old windows on the prow front of the cabin we purchased this summer. Not an easy task to say the least given the size and height of the windows involved. David, Paul & their crew did an excellent job! We wouldn't hesitate to utilize their services again if the need should arise. They were very professional and competent in their approach and manner.

Blaine McIntyre

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